Bringing the startup experience to medical school.

StartEx offers an immersive entrepreneurship experience to Canadian medical students. We connect healthtech startups and medical students to work alongside one another on real world problems over a six month period.
Proudly supported by the OMSA Innovator Grant.

The StartEx Program

The StartEx Program is two-pronged:
  • We offer an immersive six-month experience with a healthtech company.
  • StartEx students will be able to participate in HaloHealth's fellowship program. This involves conducting due diligence on healthtech startups and participating in prescreening calls where healthtech startups pitch for advisory and capital. HaloHealth is Canada's first physician angel group.
    • Students must attend at least one HaloHealth prescreening call a month and have the option to conduct due diligence.

The Program's Timeline

October – November

Applications for Canadian medical students to join the StartEx program are due November 4, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST. Before the application deadline, medical students can read the startups’ project profiles on the StartEx website. In the application, students will indicate which startups they would like to be considered for. The selection process takes into consideration specific skills the healthtech startups would like to recruit. In November, an introductory call is scheduled between the accepted students and their “matched” healthtech startup to discuss onboarding, deliverables, metrics, and communication preferences. Students will also be onboarded to HaloHealth's fellowship program.

November – April

Mandatory monthly meetings are scheduled between the healthtech startup and students to discuss the project’s progress, action items, and timelines. Students must attend at least one HaloHealth prescreening call a month.


Students begin wrapping up their projects.


Selected students will have their work published on the StartEx website.

Our Partnered Startups

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Past startups

Our Mission

The StartEx program was founded by a group of Queen’s Medicine students that are passionate about the intersection of healthcare and entrepreneurship. Our mission is two-fold, we wanted to supplement our education, and that of our peers, with first-hand exposure and experience in entrepreneurship, while also promoting a positive attitude towards the utilization of cutting-edge medicine.


Hear from our students

Interested in joining?

We’re looking for Canadian medical students that are curious about entrepreneurship.
Application deadline: we are no longer receiving applications for the 2022-2023 cohort.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the StartEx Program count towards an academic credit?
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What previous experience or skills is the StartEx program looking for?
How does the matching process work?
How many students are assigned to a startup?
Can I choose my teammates?
What kind of projects can we expect to work on?
Can I find another startup to work with?
Can my own startup participate in the StartEx program?

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us.