Megan Chan

Megan Chan

Partnered Startup
Cosm Medical
Medical Student at University of British Columbia
Intern at Cosm Medical

Why are you interested in healthtech innovation?

"Healthtech innovation is not only super interesting, but also a fantastic way to improve healthcare on a large scale. You need to understand both the clinical and scientific sides I think as students, we are always thinking about ways to be a positive influence. In my future specialty, whatever it may be, I hope to impact this influence at both an individual level with patient care, and at a systemic level through healthtech innovation. Also, the people in this field are great thinkers and leaders who are incredibly inspiring."

What did you work on at Cosm Medical?

"I analyzed ultrasound images to study biomechanical properties of vaginal tissue so we can better understand vaginal canal architecture, and apply this knowledge to pessary fit and design. I had the amazing opportunity to help the COSM team build this project from collecting the data, to grinding the numbers, to interpreting and presenting our findings."

If you were to have one main takeaway from your internship at Cosm Medical, what would it be?

"It’s so hard to choose just one! It sounds like a given, but that living tissue is incredibly variable by design, so you need to be ok with that and find ways to still get useful objective information from that data."