Digital Health
'22-'23 Cohort
Hypercare Inc. is a Toronto based healthcare tech startup founded in 2016. Our mission is to make pagers, fax machines, and switchboards obsolete and to improve communication and collaboration in healthcare through a secure mobile platform. Our company currently has clients across North America, and is rapidly expanding.
Hypercare has five positions available.

Description of Project

We aim to provide the medical students a wide array of experiences that spans across our business, technology, and clinical divisions. The following describes projects in each of those divisions, although students may be involved with different aspects of each project to gain experience and insight from each facet of a healthcare startup.

Technology/Product Project Students will join our product team in ensuring that the Hypercare product is a world-class platform that is reliable for clinical use. The two main responsibilities of this project will be quality assurance of new and existing features within the Hypercare mobile and web applications, and help with user interviews to gather information for product design. The first responsibility will involve user testing and applying their clinical knowledge to optimize user experience and identify bugs and edge cases. The second will give the students the opportunity to help gather user feedback in conjunction with our customer success team on existing and upcoming features to ensure proper fit to real-world clinical use.

Marketing/Business Development Project Leveraging their clinical expertise, students will work closely with our Head of Marketing to develop marketing collateral (such as blog posts, case studies, webinar topics and content) that will resonate with Hypercare’s target audience of clinicians. This will give students the opportunity to build new business development strategies and tactics, learn the foundations of building effective marketing campaigns, and understand the interconnectivity between marketing and the sales cycle.

Strategy Project Students will conduct a comprehensive strategic assessment of the internal and external environment that Hypercare currently faces and provide recommendations on how the organization could be better positioned to address current and future industry needs/ gaps. The assessment will provide students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the health-tech industry, competition, customer needs and technological developments. The assessment should enable students to conclude what makes Hypercare successful, key issues that may emerge in the future for the industry, and how Hypercare should approach its journey ahead to make the organization more successful/ better positioned.

Clinical Workflow Project Students will join our team, led by our Chief Medical Officer, to take existing client clinical workflows and optimize them with the Hypercare product. This experience will give students the opportunity to explore and understand clinical workflows across acute and community care settings, and to see all the intricacies and dependencies associated with providing clinical care beyond the front lines. An example would be redeveloping a code blue response at a hospital with updated technology (Hypercare) and finding ways to contextualize the functionalities of Hypercare and apply them locally consistent with existing clinical and logistic processes.

Goals and Rationale for Project

The rationale for the above projects is to help future clinician-entrepreneurs understand the multifaceted skill set required to be successful in healthcare technology. The projects will give the students direct exposure to the day to day activities of a growing healthcare startup and how it interplays with their growing medical knowledge and abilities as a clinical expert. By providing a broad experience, the students can start reflecting on their own aspirations and skill sets and help guide them on their own journey of being in the health-tech field.

Key Metrics and Deliverables

Technology/Product Project

  • Understand the product cycle and how it applies to healthcare technology
  • Gain experience in commonly used tools for application user testing
  • Gain comfort in speaking with healthcare administrators and clinicians regarding hospital operations

Marketing/Business Development Project

  • Learn how to create engaging content for healthcare professionals
  • Learn how content can drive sales growth

Strategy Project

  • Analyze two to five competitors in Hypercare’s current or emerging markets.
  • Deliver a presentation to the Senior Leadership Team at the end of their term to showcase key findings from the Strategy Project. The presentation will include a summary of their key findings, three strategic alternatives, and actionable next steps for Hypercare to implement the students’ final recommendation.

Clinical Workflow Project

  • Learn quality improvement techniques such as root cause analysis, process mapping, Ishikawa diagrams
  • Learn concepts in clinical change management
  • Learn best practices in clinical protocol development
  • Be able to participate in at least 1 workflow redesign for current or prospective clients

Ideal Competencies

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Self-motivated and enthusiastic
  • Strong team player and able to demonstrate leadership skills
  • Familiarity with online collaboration tools (e.g. Google Drive, Google Documents, Asana)
  • General comfort with mobile operating systems (iOS and Android)

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