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'22-'23 Cohort
Nanochon is an early stage medical device company, developing an implant to treat cartilage damage and loss in joints. Focused on arthritis and sports injuries in the knee, the device is a minimally invasive, bioactive patch which can be used to fill and and repair damaged areas of the joint surface, in a minimally invasive procedure. Over time, the device activates and supports the regeneration of healthy cartilage, the key to unlocking true longevity for patients. The device has been tested and perfected in multiple pre-clinical trials, and it is being prepared for human clinical study in 2023.
Nanochon has five positions available.

Description of Project

Nanochon has several key projects that a team could potentially work on:

  1. Developing a surgical tool: a critical need is the testing of a surgical tool to deliver the device. A working prototype exists, but it needs to be validated with clinicians, and improved upon. A team could discuss and even show the device to potential customers, to collect VOC data.
  2. Nanochon used in other joints: based on observed performance, we believe the Nanochon device and technology could be applied to may applications in the body. We would be interested in both customer discovery activity to identify these areas, and efforts to test the device in simulated or cadaveric environments. As an example, we are very interested in treating cartilage damage in ankles, so a team could interview ankle surgeons AND test the device in an ankle cadaver.
  3. Investigating foreign regulatory and reimbursement: Nanochon is very keyed into the US FDA and US market, but much could be done to define an international strategy. Specifically, to understand the regulatory requirements and paths to reimbursement in international markets, such as The EU, Canada, SE Asia etc.

Goals and Rationale for Project

In all cases, we are looking to address critical areas for Nancohon's long term success, which would otherwise distract from our immediate priorities.

Key Metrics and Deliverables

  1. Deliverables would be a VOC report, with at least 30 interviews, and proposed design elements or changes
  2. A report with at least 30 customer interviews, and potentially a test report with findings from cadaver test(s).
  3. A report at least detailing regulatory pathways and requirements in a minimum of 3 key international markets.

Ideal Competencies

Minimally invasive surgery, orthopedic surgery and sports medicine knowledge is a plus but not required

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