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InventoRR MD

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'22-'23 Cohort
InventoRR MD is a physician led medical device startup, based out of St. Michael’s Hospital, commercializing innovative products in the trauma and general surgery space. Our flagship product AbClo has recently been launched across Canada and we are beginning our commercial launch of AbClo into the United States. AbClo assists surgeons in achieving primary closure of intentionally left open abdomen cases.
InventoRR MD has five positions available.

Description of Project

Clinical Follow-Up – Work with our clinicians to follow up with patients from previous clinical trials to determine re-admission rates and post care hernia rates. Education and Training – Work with our clinical and marketing teams to develop and review AbClo training and educational materials to educate clinicians and commercial partners about AbClo’s benefits, use cases and application.

US Market Entry Research – Work with our business and sales teams to further our understanding of the US Healthcare systems procurement process, DRG/billing code and insurance process.

Goals and Rationale for Project

As we continue to grow our sales and marketing efforts surrounding our AbClo product we look to continually grow our evidence package supporting the product. These projects primarily support the growth and improvement of that package which is designed to engage clinicians and commercial partners looking to use our AbClo product. In addition, growing our understanding of the US market as we begin our commercial efforts in that geography is extremely important to us as a company.

Key Metrics and Deliverables

Clinical Follow-Up – Follow up with 20 patients from previous clinical studies and summarize findings. Education and Training – Develop 3-5 case studies/training modules based on real AbClo cases.

US Market Entry Research – Further our business teams understanding of key differences and components of US market.

Ideal Competencies

Comfortable working in a fast paced and fluid environment, willing to work virtually, strong research skills and willingness to learn.

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