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Dispension Industries is a Dartmouth-based technology company, founded in 2017. Dispension is changing the way people access restricted products, by making the transaction safe, secure, and convenient. Through the use of contactless, self-service kiosks and smart lockers equipped with advanced biometrics, Dispension Industries is empowering people by giving them more autonomy over the restricted products they access.
Dispension has five positions available.

Description of Project

Intoxivision™ is a breakthrough technology that can identify an intoxicated person, without contact, using thermal imaging to scan a patrons face and several algorithms to process the images in real-time to detect the patrons level of intoxication. Dispension now has a patent-pending in the US and Europe for "Contactless Intoxication Detection and Methods and Devices Thereof", and ethics approval to conduct an observational study on human subjects. This technology could have major positive impacts on the health and safety of our future world. Applications include unattended alcohol kiosks, road safety, job site safety, fleet vehicles, and assessing intoxication before entering venues, restaurants and workplaces.

Key Metrics and Deliverables

StartEx Students will:

  1. Review the approved ethics board submission for an observational study with human subjects
  2. Run an observational study with the technology and human subjects under various conditions
  3. Conduct market research to understand and evaluate opportunity
  4. Document and report results of observational study

Progress will be measured if upon completion of the Intoxivision program an observational study with human subjects has been conducted successfully under various conditions. During the onboarding period students will conduct market research, review the ethics submission, and evaluate the commercial opportunity. Following the completion of the observational study, students will document and report the results of the study and make recommendations based on their findings. This will be considered a successful outcome.

Ideal Competencies

Problem solving, analytical, team player, clear communicator, self-starter, organized, background in public health, substance use, mental health & addictions, technology background, hands on learner, programming (C++, Python, etc), computer science, background in mathematics, physics, biology and human sciences

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