CAMH & Kelello Health

CAMH & Kelello Health

Mental HealthDigital Health
'22-'23 Cohort
Kelello Health is an early-stage start-up that uses an AI-powered approach to help individuals and clinicians monitor mental health trends and provide state-of-the-art support when care is needed. The scalable Kelello Health platform provides a user-friendly interface to track and visualize trends in mood, medication, health data, activity, and sleep, giving individuals personalized feedback and directing them to local clinical support as needed. With a single click, the platform provides qualified health professionals with a visual patient summary and clinically-validated personal treatment recommendation and risk factors, leveraging extensive mental health data holdings. Kelello Health aims to empower the individual in managing their own health care journey, while providing clinicians with detailed patient profile and advanced AI-driven guidance to provide best-in-class mental health care.
Kelello Health has three positions available.

Description of Project

Work with the company COO/CTO to identify potential customers/payors for Kelello Health.

Conduct interviews, do market research, and compile comparables from the North American market that could help Kelello narrow in on its highest potential customer base.

Help to define the correct marketing strategy for Kelello Health based on the identified customer whether that be health systems, private clinics, direct consumers, or other entities.

Goals and Rationale for Project

Kelello Health is an early-stage start-up. While the technology behind Kelello is strong and well developed to properly scale the company - the correct customer needs to be identified early to direct marketing and development efforts.

Key Metrics and Deliverables

The project deliverables would be a report/presentation on the identified correct customer for Kelello as well as the rationale behind the decision as well as summaries of any data collected during the project.

Ideal Competencies

Comfortable working virtually, experience conducting cold calls and interviews, summarizing findings, ability working with data analysis or statistics.